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Even though our senior year did not end in the most ideal way, I can still say that I could fully enjoy my school life at ICS with all the people I have met here. I came to ICS when I was 8th grade and at first I was super worried about making new friends…

Blog Entry #10 – “Damage and Redemption”

I believe that every one of us have been through numerous sufferings in our lives. Many of those sufferings might involve other individuals who we meet in our lives and share ideas with. I feel that due to how we all have different backgrounds, it is normal for us to not agree with each other…

Damage Project Blog!

The beginning of Book 1 of the novel, “Cry, the Beloved Country”, illustrates the poverty and brokenness in the village of Ndotsheni. Here, people are diabled from experiencing proper education which is caused by their poor environment. Due to their unfortunate circumstances, many of the young men decide to leave the village. As I read…

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