Living in a crowd

Her name is Tokyo.

Aliens call her a rainbow. She is full of entertainment and high technology which enlightens our day. One day she is a 5 star restaurant chef and another day she is a kawaii cosplayer.

The cat living inside her calls her monochrome. She is the owner of a robot mass production factory. She labels “Fail” to those that are malfunctioning and “Success” to those that functions in the way she programmed them.

The moment I stepped into Shibuya station, I felt various emotions. A group of gossipy high school girls, a sleep deprived salary man, a mother scolding a child for not getting into the top elementary school, a YouTuber filming her newest vlog. They are all different but the same. They all breathe in the air composed of 30% peer pressure, 25% worry of how others see them, 25% unreasonable rules, 10% the feeling of not being enough, and 10% of small happiness. They all get squished into the tiny train where unfortunate events occur. Taking advantage of the crowded environment in the train, trauma creators are touching underaged girls and taking pictures under their skirts. The way this disgusting scene is blending into nature makes me realize how brainwashed I am by this crooked society.

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