Young and Rich (Option 1)

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I currently do not have a specific dream job; however, I know that I want to become rich. My future goal is to become young and rich. I want to work in a healthy environment where people treat you according to your skills rather than your backgrounds. In order to achieve my goal, I will be more than happy to sacrifice entertainment in my life to a certain extent. This is because, I believe that the level of entertainment you can gain right now and when you become rich is totally different and if I want to be successful, sacrifice is necessary.

I think that in order to become rich in our current society, education is a must. People are required to have professional skills in order to be needed. Therefore, I choose to work hard in school to gain more knowledge even if I think it is unnecessary sometimes because we never know when we will get to use those knowledge. Recently, I have started to teach children English and mathematics through an online meeting application. I believe that I have been able to contribute to their academic life because one of them was able to get into their desired middle school and pass Eiken level pre-2 (English test for Japanese student) and another one was able to jump from the bottom of the class to the top of class(Japanese schools show ranking per class after each exam) in their math class at school. I think that even though becoming a teacher is not my future dream, teaching children with my knowledge can obtain me with skills which can be used in the process of reaching my ideal future. 

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