Blog Entry #10 – “Damage and Redemption”

I believe that every one of us have been through numerous sufferings in our lives. Many of those sufferings might involve other individuals who we meet in our lives and share ideas with. I feel that due to how we all have different backgrounds, it is normal for us to not agree with each other all the time, and that is totally fine. However, throughout those sufferings, I feel that it is the best for us if we can understand the importance of “forgiveness”. Forgiveness can be hard at first and it might feel like losing if you forgive your enemy. I personally view forgiveness as a way to mature yourself. By forgiving others, we can relate and understand how there are people who have different perspectives from us and accept the differences. Moreover, I think that forgiveness will teach us how to solve further suffering in our lives. 

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“And that is another small angel from God”

In Book 3, when Stephen sees Arthur’s son and says that he is an angel, I felt really weird. Just like Mr Mark mentioned in his video, I feel that the son portrays Arthur’s resurrection. Even though, family wise, these two individuals should be enemies, it was very interesting how Stephen was able to spot the brightness in this small boy. I feel that this boy who Stephen met unexpectedly through his journey became a big part of why he was able to stay peaceful and feel grateful at the very end of the story even though his son was executed. From this scene, I was able to understand that forgiveness is always a possible choice in life.

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“I believe, he said, but I have learned that it is a secret. Pain and suffering, they are a secret. Kindness and love, they are a secret. But I have learned that kidness and love can pay for pain and suffering.”

I feel that this quote is very impactful and made me realize how strong the power of love and kindness is. I understand that it is definitely difficult to overcome the big issues going on in the world such as the current outbreak of COVID-19; however, I believe that by each of us having a positive energy towards the issue, we can have a chance to overcome the suffering quicker. I feel that most things in our life can be easier depending on the way we approach it. For example, currently I have been very disappointed about the closure of school. I felt that if i stay sad and not do anything about my suffering, I will not be able to gain anything. Therefore, I have decided to call my friends frequently and stay in touch with them. This has helped me stay more positive and happy.

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