Even though our senior year did not end in the most ideal way, I can still say that I could fully enjoy my school life at ICS with all the people I have met here. I came to ICS when I was 8th grade and at first I was super worried about making new friends and learing in a fully English speaking environment. However, with all the fun activities and events, I was able to spend a joyful school life. I still remember all the salt trips and eagles camp I have attended and how fun they were.

As I was planning on talking and getting to know the people who I was originally not close to during the last events (banquet, senior night, senior trip), I am a little sad I could not do it. However, I think I still had some small talks with most of them so I would like to cherish those memories.

I hope our class can continue staying united even after we graduate. I understand that this can be difficult as we are all going to different paths now but I hope we can still try.

Lastly, I would like to appreciate my friends in the Muadthofs court (Alizabeth, Amy, Arm, Claire, Jamie, Emmalynn, Pim, Peam, Proud, Rachel, Rhea, David, Hannah, Oak, Jayda, and Grun) for being such good friends and supporting me through out the 4 years of highschool. I hope we can continue being good friends and meet eachother again one day.

Thankyou ICS for the special 5 years!

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